Wildflower PR


Hello & Welcome

Wildflower PR is a creative design studio, and communication is our art form.  Everybody, it seems, knows a little bit these days about the many modern day ‘hats’ of the internet and digital media.  Few, however, are experts when it comes to wearing them well.  That’s our niche: think of us as your personal business stylists.

Our hats are classics.  Whether they’re flourishing peacocks of social media campaigns, striking web designs, memorable logos, or bright, bold roadshows, they’re all worn with grace and style, and they don’t go out of fashion.

Sophistication and grace is our motto.  We believe in good manners and business with principles.   Classic, iconic branding, timeless writing and beautiful simplicity are our crafts and we believe in using them to inspire others and treat your audience with respect.

As designers, we thrive on intuition.  We know how to illustrate you with the best branding, stage you with perfected timing and storyboard your every detail with our expert knowledge of key messages.

Looking good is the order of the day and elegance is our specialty.  As a wise lady once said, it is, after all: ‘the only beauty that never fades.’







Behind the Scenes


Sarah May Clarkson is the founder of Wildflower PR. With over 10 years experience in the BBC, the private sector, local government and a passion for world travel, Sarah brings a unique perspective to Public Relations. Qualified in Media Studies, (B/A Hons) Public Policy & Management (MSc, King’s College London) Sarah founded Wildflower in response to a natural calling to communications. It represents a dedication to the grassroots, and a belief that diversity and creativity go hand in hand.