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Welcome to Wildflower PR! I’m Sarah and I’m passionate about excellent PR for the grass roots; I am a trained graphic designer and I specialise in custom-made WordPress websites.  This boutique is my own little miracle counter, invented to help beautify your web space.  I love working with all kinds of bloggers, business owners and charities; my aim is to give you the confidence to express yourself with elegance and style. I offer illustration, web design and branding to help you get on your way.



My Story

Sarah May Clarkson, Designer at Wildflower PRI’ve always loved designing things!  I started my company, Wildflower PR, in 2013 after finishing graduate school and realising my passion: I love promoting grass roots enterprise. I work with small businesses, charities and bloggers all over the world to help them find their voice, share inspiration and flourish in their communities.

Full details of my business services can be found here, but if you see anything missing, just ask and I’d be happy to help. Whatever your interests, whether you’re thinking of designing something now or in the future, I’d love to hear from you. You’ll find me on Twitter and Facebook, and also I’m an occasional blogger myself, so feel free to share your feedback, thoughts and inspirations with me. Thanks for visiting!