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It’s lovely to have something in print once in a while, in that regard I was very excited to receive these newly produced business cards!  From the conceptual to the tangible, I wanted this design to have tactile charm so I chose a specialist printing company for some unique finishing touches.

Embossed Business Cards Vintage Art Deco Wildflower PR

If you look closely you’ll see the central logo has a raised finish, giving it a little distinction from the rest of the card.  This is called varnished embossing, it’s a little like ‘spot UV’ except it’s 3D rather than a flat gloss.  There are various types: for a more pronounced embossing, you can have the paper ‘pushed through’ like a rubber stamp effect from front to back.  The printing market has diversified in such an exciting way in recent years that this kind of printing is now affordable even to small businesses.  Take a look online at some inspiring design ideas out there!  Wildflower PR can work with you to produce all kinds of unique styles, both flat and embossed, on any budget.

Vintage Art Deco Embossed Business Cards

Like a greetings card, I believe the business card will always be a classic, something of a gift to be received – it sparkles no matter how many emails we send!  Not only are they personal, they’re memorable: a detailed first impression.  I’ve always loved to see how different companies present themselves on paper, ever since I was very young I found logos and business cards strangely fascinating.  As with a good old-fashioned letter, some things will always maintain their sense of style.

Embossed Business Card Printing and Design Matt Laminate Rounded Corners Art Deco Vintage

Partaking in little bit of traditional pen-and-paper correspondence myself this week, in fact, I was inspired to discover that the Queen herself has a business card, of sorts!  This beautiful silver pearlescent blue happens to be the shade of choice to mark the jubilee year stamps, with the quote: ‘I shall always work to advance the happiness and prosperity of my peoples’ (Queen Elizabeth II 1952)

Queen's business card

Okay, so maybe when your face is on coins and stamps, your PR operation may be in a different league from the rest of us.  However, I do love a bit of vintage design and I like to think no-one is above the merits of a bit of good self-promotion.  Classic rules of business: tell people what you do, put a face to your name and sell your services with conviction!  I look forward to exchanging some cards with you soon.

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