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 My illustrations comprise several different components so you can include many or few. I offer artwork in all sorts of different styles, from retro-style cartoon characters to polished, modern doll-like caricatures. You can request a particular style of illustration or I can make recommendations to best suit your project, just ask!  Blog headers comprise up to 4 of these elements, however, extras are available at the prices detailed. Logos are priced separately, but I can include a pre-existing logo in your header if you have one.



A bespoke caricature of you or someone special; a business partner / colleague / work team. Your spouse, colleague, best friend, pet, baby, son, daughter or other family member? Even family pets! New-borns, toddlers, wedding day / bride and groom, family portraits.



Rooms, houses, apartments and gardens, all sorts of possibilities. You in the kitchen? A cartoon version of a favourite room nursery, kid’s play room, den, study, holiday scene, house or kitchen complete with wallpaper, fabrics, soft furnishings and furniture. Favourite places you’ve been on vacation (great for putting together as your own postcard!) Outdoor pursuits, sports, racing cars, motorbikes, hot air balloons! The family car, RV or wagon. Iconic buildings, wonders of the world.



(Objects come in pairs) Some examples and ideas: hobbies – scenes and objects: shopping, fashion, hair and beauty. Dining out, coffee shops. Sports, fitness, dance, aqua, running. Photography, the great outdoors. Favourite films, cameras, golf clubs, kitchen utensils, typewriters, notepads, flowers. Cocktail mixers, cakes, books, children’s toys, beauty products, gardening tools, paint brushes.



Design of typography to complement your illustration – a combination of fonts, colours and layout styles to suit your project.



Decorative wallpaper: striped, modern, vintage, art deco. Fabric style pattern: checks, polka dots, florals, repeated icon. Custom patterns and textures.


Inspired?  Contact me to discuss your idea!  Bookings are now being taken for May 2013.