Wildflower PR



Start-Up Businesses

Thinking of branching out on your own?  Our mission: changing the world, one creative enterprise at a time.  Our start-up websites and logo design services start from only £295; ideal for the individual blogger, or new business enterprise or part-time entrepreneur.  The economy is changing; no longer do we have the guarantee of a career for life. There are, however, lots of new prospects out there!  Whether you’re a cake maker, an aspiring writer, jewellery designer, an upholsterer, photographer, make-up artist, masseuse, hairdresser, let us ignite your inspiration.


Market Positioning

Not only do we believe in supporting local business, we believe in local talent.  Using our copy writing skills and our creative eye we can advise on everything from CV writing to social media strategy to help hone your potential, market you to your strengths and sell you to the world.  We are passionate about helping others find their niche; let’s talk about yours!


Self-Managed Websites

Love the internet?  Love Facebook, Twitter and all kinds of social media chitter-chatter?  Then you’ll love what a WordPress blog can do for you – we can turn your hobby into a dream adventure.  The best thing about our blog-style WordPress websites is that they’re designed to be managed by you.  No complicated software or web programming; in fact if you can send an email, shop online, or have ever composed a ‘tweet’ then you have all the skills you need.

Many dream of owning a small business; with our affordable website plans and coaching services this can become a reality.  It’s almost as simple as knowing how to update your Facebook status.  And ten times more fun.