Wildflower PR



Start-Up Businesses

Thinking of branching out on your own?  My mission: changing the world, one creative enterprise at a time.  My start-up websites and logo design services are ideal for the individual blogger, or new business enterprise or part-time entrepreneur.  The economy is changing; no longer do we have the guarantee of a career for life. There are, however, lots of new prospects out there!  Whether you’re a cake maker, an aspiring writer, jewellery designer, an upholsterer, photographer, make-up artist, masseuse, hairdresser, let me ignite your inspiration.


Market Positioning

Not only do I believe in supporting local business, I believe in local talent.  Using my copy writing skills and my creative eye I can advise on everything from CV writing to social media strategy to help hone your potential, market you to your strengths and sell you to the world.  I am passionate about helping others find their niche; let’s talk about yours!


Self-Managed Websites

Love the internet?  Love Facebook, Twitter and all kinds of social media chitter-chatter?  Then you’ll love what a WordPress blog can do for you – I can turn your hobby into a dream adventure.  The best thing about our blog-style WordPress websites is that they’re designed to be managed by you.  No complicated software or web programming; in fact if you can send an email, shop online, or have ever composed a ‘tweet’ then you have all the skills you need.

Many dream of owning a small business; with my affordable website plans and coaching services this can become a reality.  It’s almost as simple as knowing how to update your Facebook status.  And ten times more fun.