Wildflower PR


Making a Difference

‘Consider how the wild flowers grow . . . ‘

Not all business has to be big.  At Wildflower PR I believe that individuals matter: local shops, artists, charities and entrepreneurs hold the keys to transforming the economy.  Thriving communities are built on them, yet somehow the small busines is often overlooked or even priced out of the market when it comes to high quality PR.

Wildflower is founded on the basis that grass roots ideas deserve to second-to-none when it comes to marketing, branding, and generally singing their own praises. My business aim is to offer first-class, high quality PR on an small, affordable scale. I do this using a menu of design, web building, copy writing and promotional services at affordable rates and by working with locally sourced creative professionals.


Cultivating Talent

Working in the creative arts is a privilege, I love what I do and I know there are many ‘undiscovereds’ out there who have the same potential but mistakenly perceive there to be few opportunities in the creative arts beyond jobs for an elite few.  By recruiting and offering training to the best and believe I can put local businesses in touch with other skilled artists, writers and promoters on your doorstep to make sure that profitable working relationships flourish as your enterprise grows.


Supporting Charity

Wildflower PR is dedicated to supporting innovation at the grass roots because I know that the most equipped to make change are those who work in them each day, whether they’re leading charities, running businesses or organising the dinner table.  Every project commissioned to Wildflower allows me to donate a portion of my own time into helping grass roots charities become established.  Basing my inspiration on the social enterprise model, I believe that local investment can improve the lives of those around us.